Krista Lynes Chiropractic

Comprehensive, Goal Oriented Care for Everyone

Dr. Krista Lynes founded her practice with the belief

that each patient she sees is unique. They are unique not

only in their symptoms and ailments, but also in their

personal goals and lifestyles. Dr. Krista's practice is

multifaceted and focuses on gaining an understanding of

each patient's personal goals and requirements. The 

treatments she offers work towards helping her patients

meet their unique objectives.

Dr. Krista works to combine traditional chiropractic

techniques with modern soft tissue treatments to provide a

safe, natural and complete treatment plans for patients

experiencing musculoskeletal ailments. Dr. Krista believes

that all people should be able to participate fully in their

lives. Regardless of age,gender or fitness level, she is

committed to providing each individual with the individual

attention they deserve.

In 2013 Dr, Krista partnered with Metta Massage and Yoga

Clinic. The partnership was founded on the shared

philosopy that patient satisfaction and wellness supercede

all other objectives. The partnership promises both her

patients and Metta Massage's clientele will have access to more comprehensive  treatment and wellness


Dr. Krista does not simply work on her patients; she works with them. If you have any questions regarding treatment methodology, philosophy or services please do not hesitate to contact us.