Krista Lynes Chiropractic

the care you need to be well

Krista Lynes Chiropractic aims to create a custom treatment plan for each patient based on their individual needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. You may also book your appointment online

Chiropractic Services

Dr. Krista offers her patients comprehensive care for virtually

any musculoskeletal ailment. She specializes in the treatment

of headaches, joint and foot pain, customized treatments for new

and expecting mothers and general neck or back pain.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Dr. Krista combines traditional chiropractic techniques with

modern soft tissue treatments to offer athletes the care they

need to get back to what they love. Whether the treatment goal

is the alleviation of new pain, chronic pain, or post-surgical

rehabilitation, she will work with you to identify your goals

and develop a treatment plain tailored to you.

Private Yoga Instruction

Dr. Krista combines her experience as both a chiropractor and

a certified Hatha Yoga instructor to create personalized yoga classes and complete curricula for interested individuals. Her strong understanding of anatomy and physiology gives her the ability to integrate traditional yoga postures into her overall treatment plan.